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he can't outrun a horse
Welcome to hesthemann, a fan community for the character of Marshall Mann from the USA Network original series, In Plain Sight.

Rules are simple:
-Keep posts Marshall-centric.
-Fanfiction, fanart, etc. are allowed, but please put a rating on fanworks where appropriate. All pairings (slash, het, threesomes, etc.) are welcome.
-Anything NWS (not work-safe) must go behind a cut, have a clear warning, and be marked as adult content (if appropriate).
-Large images, more than three icons, fanfiction > 100 words, exceptionally long posts, etc. go behind a cut.
-Episode spoilers go under a cut.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to affiliate with the community, please comment here. :)

Have fun!

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